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Who are we?

Kizzytours is a small, friendly, personalized tourism management group in Cuba. We can help cut through any travel difficulties and separate truth from fiction where travel to Cuba is concerned. We are a team of friends who share a passion for our country and the desire to show it to our visitors in the most authentic way. We have many years of experience as tour coordinators, guides, and drivers. We can design a tailor-made program just for you. With us, you will be able to see and know as much of Cuba as you want, stay where you prefer, and make the most of each experience. It is our goal to become your number one ally and to satisfy your interests. We have many tours, excursions, and round trips from which we can design your dream trip. So, take a look inside and ask away! Our direct phone and WhatsApp number is +5353452922

Our Services

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Tours & Experiences

Cuba is famous for its culture, entertainment and party-loving people. Each corner of the island has fun awaiting to be discovered. We have acces to the best seats in every place. No need to queue, no need to wait. From Havana to Guantamo, we can take you. From famous Tropicana to any community amateur presentation, we can get you in. +5353452922

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All our rental independent apartments and houses, our hostels, and hotels are high quality ones. We make sure that, whatever your budget or your preference, your place to stay will be the finest. Just name the city or town and we will do the rest. +5353452922

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We have many types of vehicles to take you around. From old timers of all kinds, to modern cars, minivans and buses. All of them air conditioned. We provide transfers from and to the airport, quick rides inside the cities and round trips all over Cuba. Transportation can be booked on the spot. +5353452922

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